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REKRobert Earl Keen (singer)
REKRhein-Erft-Kreis (German district)
REKRule Evolution Kit (computer science)
REKRyan Erik Kaminsky (artist)
REKRemote Equipment Kit
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He stressed that each year successively the boiler system in one of the three blocks of REK Bitola will be reconstructed.
On two occasions in January, REK Bitola didn't work at full capacity and six procurements of electricity were made for households and small businesses on which more than 6 million euros were spent.
REK Bitola contributes 80 percent to Macedonia's electricity output.
At the same time, the state-owned thermoelectric power stations REK Bitola and REK Oslomej have lagged behind for years with their environmental standards, say representatives of the non-governmental organization Front 21/42.
With these two agreements, 49 million euros have been provided whereby the financial construction of 52 million euros, necessary for modernization of REK Bitola, has been closed.
Contract notice: Purchase of pipes black with hem and without hem, bends with hem and bends without hem for PU Thermal Power Plants, REK Bitola.
In about ten days, Thermal Power Plant REK Bitola will launch a project for modernization of the boilers in the thermal power plants.
Contract notice: Construction of underground infrastructure in PU Mines, SPM Brod Gneotino (atmospheric and fecal sewerage system, internal water supply network, underground electrical installation and street lightning) for Department Investments, development and design, REK Bitola.
REK Bitola started assembling the main coal transport system from the Brod Gneotino mine to Suvodol.
Cingovski also informed that the revitalization of REK Bitola with modernization of the second block, as well as the revitalization of the hydroelectric power stations in the second stage was going to continue in 2011.
Contract notice: 16-57/2016 Service of mining measurements (Classic geodetic recording for PU Mines), REK Bitola.
The state-run energy company ELEM invested 100 million euros this year in its largest energy-producing facility REK Bitola.