RELABReflectance Experiment Laboratory
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After the "No Chopsticks" function was integrated with Ant Forest in June 2018, the RELAB team experienced a 5-7x increase in users opting out of receiving utensils.
The reflectance spectra were measured in RELAB ( at Brown University.
The authors would also like to thank the teams of USGS mineral library and RELAB at Brown University, LSCC data, and Chang'E-1 data for providing these data.
destructans is a "pioneer colonizer" of roots because it has the capacity to grow and develop quickly in atmospheres with low [O.sub.2] levels that are not favorable for other fungi (Ludeking and Relab den Haan, 2002).
Ludeking D, Relab den Haan BV (2002) Cylindrocarpon destructans.
The system was furnished with three axi-symmetric full cone spray nozzles FC-2, FC-3, and FC-3.5 from RELAB having different orifice and free passage diameters as expressed in Table 1.