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RELAPSEReactor Leak and Power Safety Excursion
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I think it probable," said the Doctor, breaking silence with an effort, "that the relapse you have described, my dear friend, was not quite unforeseen by its subject.
In the affair of love, which, out of strict conformity with the Stoic philosophy, we shall here treat as a disease, this proneness to relapse is no less conspicuous.
Persisters, relapse (reactivation), drug resistance and multidrug therapy (MDT): uniform diagnostic guidelines for leprosy are needed.
However women who received tamoxifen alone had a relapse rate of 17.
In a nested case-control study involving 12,183 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis who completed treatment in 1 year, the overall 30-month relapse rate was 0.
It is the first time anyone has ever been able to stimulate relapse by [electrically] stimulating a brain circuit," says coauthor Eliot L.
All patients of DLBCL with CNS relapse from 2006 to 2014 were included.
Detailed report was done each time when intra-thecal chemotherapy was given or there were signs and symptoms suggestive of central nervous system relapse.
All clinical data, including age, sex, clinical form of leprosy, time of completing MDT, time of relapse, clinical manifestations of relapse, bacteriological indices before and after MDT and at the time of relapse, were collected for analysis.
The reported risk of relapse is variable in different parts of the world as it is ten times in Thailand as compared to India and twice that in Brazil3.
After a relapse, patients often feel shame and guilt.
Patients in the intervention group showed significantly lower infection-associated and total relapse rates [rate difference 0.