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RELAPSEReactor Leak and Power Safety Excursion
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"And when the relapse fell on him, was he in most respects--or in all respects--as he was then?"
"I think it probable," said the Doctor, breaking silence with an effort, "that the relapse you have described, my dear friend, was not quite unforeseen by its subject."
"Would he remember what took place in the relapse?" asked Mr.
In the affair of love, which, out of strict conformity with the Stoic philosophy, we shall here treat as a disease, this proneness to relapse is no less conspicuous.
The latter (continued she) most deeply regrets the step that has occasioned his relapse; but, as usual, he throws the blame upon me.
Square offspring has sometimes resulted from a slightly Irregular Triangle; but in almost every such case the Irregularity of the first generation is visited on the third; which either fails to attain the Pentagonal rank, or relapses to the Triangular.] Such a birth requires, as its antecedents, not only a series of carefully arranged intermarriages, but also a long, continued exercise of frugality and self-control on the part of the would-be ancestors of the coming Equilateral, and a patient, systematic, and continuous development of the Isosceles intellect through many generations.
combined with the usual and unusual stressors of everyday life and work would make her relapse almost inevitable," Dell-Ross wrote in a letter.
While ACTH has been approved for use in MS relapses for many years, its cost has limited its use to only those patients who are in need of a relapse treatment alternative to corticosteroids.
Because of this, the court wrote that "the plaintiff's risk of relapse was not merely theoretical."
The Assessing Relapse in Multiple Sclerosis (ARMS) questionnaire is a 2-part patient self-report assessment tool that was developed by a panel of expert MS nurses and is specifically designed for evaluating relapses and responses to relapse treatment [10].
Thus, relapse is the most common and most probable process within the smoking cessation process (Brandon, Vidrine, & Litvin, 2007; Fiore et al., 2008; Piasecki, 2006; Piasecki, Fiore, McCarthy, & Baker, 2002).
Treatment regimens for RRMS focus on symptom management, slowing disease progression and reducing relapses.