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Its folds relaxed, and the coils of the great body fell in a heap at the roots of the two trees, between which the scientist had been standing.
The travel-stained adventurers gazed after her in astonishment, and even the unemotional Indians, journeying in with their pelties, relaxed their accustomed stoicism as they marvelled at the beauty of the pale-faced maiden.
He - probably swayed by prudential consideration of the folly of offending a good tenant - relaxed a little in the laconic style of chipping off his pronouns and auxiliary verbs, and introduced what he supposed would be a subject of interest to me, - a discourse on the advantages and disadvantages of my present place of retirement.
They considered me to blame for allowing the discipline of the vessel to be relaxed. I have expressed my regret on this score to them, and to my owners.
The Virgin, who had tensed unconsciously till her muscles hurt her, relaxed. While French Louis murmured reverently:-
He sat still and passive, his head resting against the back of the wooden rocking-chair, his hands relaxed upon the arms.
Fatigue stole over her at last; her grasp relaxed, tightened, relaxed again, and they slept side by side.
He wiped the streaming sweat from his brow, relaxed the tension of his knees, - by which the horse breathed more freely, - and, gathering up his reins, moderated the speed of the vigorous animal, his active accomplice on this man-hunt.
Her prejudice against the minister had relaxed under his genial talk and presence, but feeling that Mrs.
In another and later clinch, when she had already relaxed and sighed her relief at seeing him safely snuggled, Ponta, his chin over Joe's shoulder, lifted his right arm and struck a terrible downward blow on the small of the back.
Hugh wiped his heated brow, and relaxed into a smile.
Then unconsciously using the musket for a staff, with an iron brow he paced to and fro in the little cabin; but presently the thick plaits of his forehead relaxed, and returning the gun to the rack, he went to the deck.