RELEXRelations Extérieures (French)
RELEXReliability Excellence
RELEXCommission for External Relations (COR)
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ReLEx SMILE is the first minimally-invasive laser vision correction procedure available anywhere in the world.
Relex said that the acquisition of Galleria's cluster, assortment and space optimisation solution takes the company into the path of becoming a leader in integrated retail and supply chain planning.
24) La "familia RELEX" incluia: dg RELEX (gestionaba y coordinaba a las Delegaciones de la Comision Europea, a cargo de promover una imagen unificada y los intereses de la Comision en el extranjero); dg Ampliacion; DG Comercio; dg Desarrollo; Oficina de Cooperacion EuropeAid (AIDCO) y Oficina Humanitaria de la Comision Europea (ECHO).
hted more to a hose opia s on o be LOOKING TO THE FUTURE Professor Dan Reinstein of the L don Vision Clinic says a pioneer new laser eye surgery called Carl Z Lonring Zeiss ReLEx can treat refractive errors including severe short-sightedness and presbyopia.
Previously, he was, among other things, EU representative to the Quartet special envoy and political advisor on the Middle East in the former DG Relex, and was in charge of the Commission's crisis response and peace-building unit.
It has taken numerous studies and created tension within the Commission itself, between DG Climate, which manages this matter, and DG Relex, which is negotiating a free trade agreement with Canada.
The current program used for this process is called RelEx Dependency Relationship Extractor, which is a module of OpenCog the artificial intelligence application project (OpenCog Wiki, 2010).
This comes as no surprise because the ENP was conceptualised within DG Enlargement and only later transferred to DG Relex (Kelley, 2006).
1) Pierre Noel, "European gas security after the crisis (paper written for the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), submitted to the EU Policy Seminar on "EU Policy on Russia: The Way Forward in 2009" European Commission, DG Relex & Czech Presidency of the Council, Brussels 23 April 2009).
El modelo se implemento en Relex (r) Reliability Studio 2007 v2 -Evaluation-.
It's bound to become one of the most aspirational regattas among the classics such as the Rolex Eastnet, Relex Sydney Hobart and Rolex Middle Sea Race," he said.
Other restrictive strategies included "Operation Relex," which authorized the Navy to drag vessels approaching Australian waters back into Indonesian waters.
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