RELEXRelations Extérieures (French)
RELEXReliability Excellence
RELEXCommission for External Relations (COR)
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They've patched it, brought a little bit in to try and help but, ultimately, competing today is nothing like it was in the 1990s, and there's nothing that can be done that will make 1990s technology relevant I today," said Andrew Blatherwick, chairman of Relex Solutions.
Medical technology company ZEISS reported on Friday the receipt of US FDA Premarket Approval (PMA) for ReLEx SMILE PMA to expand the myopia treatment to patients with astigmatism, a blurry, distorted, or fuzzy vision at all distances and difficulty seeing at night.
ReLEx SMILE is the first minimally-invasive laser vision correction procedure available anywhere in the world.
Refractive lenticule re-implantation after myopic ReLEx: A feasibility study of stromal restoration after refractive surgery in a rabbit model.
Finland-based supply chain solution provider Relex Solutions has acquired UK-headquartered retail planning solutions provider Galleria, the company said.
(5.) Interview with an official of DG RELEX, European Commission, Brussels, November 2007.
To laser or noT To laser Laser eye surgery has had some bad press of late, but forget what you've heard, because our Zoe Cripps has put her eyes to the test by trying the new ReLEx SMILE at The London Vision Clinic...
The Australian Defence Force developed an operational strategy under the code name "Operation Relex." "Operation Relex marked a significant shift in Australia's border protection strategy, which had previously been limited to the reactive detection, interception, and escort of unauthorized boats in Australian waters to Australian ports.
Authors used the software tool Windchill Quality Solutions (former Relex 2011) from company PTC and the results were verified in software tool Wolfram Mathematica 8 from Wolfram Research.
EUobserver has reminded that any decision to list Hezbollah would be taken by EU foreign ministers, following political dsicussions on its implications for EU foreign policy by EU diplomats in the so-called Coreper, MaMa and Relex Council units.
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