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RELIEFRespite for Elders Living in Everyday Families
RELIEFRestoring Earnings to Lift Individuals and Empower Families Act of 2001
RELIEFRaman Excitation Plus Laser-Induced Electronic Fluorescence
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Would exasperation, however, if relief had longer been postponed, finally have betrayed me?
You'd find it such a relief, I should say--such a rest to the eyes--and the bazaars are so glad of things." Her voice dropped into the smooth half-conscious tone of the expert knitter; the words came gently one after another.
It was a genuine relief to the whole congregation when the ordeal was over and the benediction pronounced.
With a gasp of mingled incredulity and relief Jane Clayton staggered to her feet and fled on away from the terrible horde that had just passed her, while a half-mile behind her another individual, following the same trail as she, lay frozen with terror behind an ant-hill as the hideous band passed quite close to him.
Pengarth assented with relief. "You took me by storm just now, Miss Juliet.
In another and later clinch, when she had already relaxed and sighed her relief at seeing him safely snuggled, Ponta, his chin over Joe's shoulder, lifted his right arm and struck a terrible downward blow on the small of the back.
Then at five o'clock another relief, consisting of three guides, set forward from the cabin.
I was glad he did not want me to accompany him, and when I left him at the door I walked away with relief. I took a new pleasure in the streets of Paris, and I looked with smiling eyes at the people who hurried to and fro.
Crooks, with five others, turned their steps up it; retracing by land the weary course they had made by water, intending, should they not find relief nearer at hand, to keep on until they should reach Henry's Fort, where they hoped to find the horses they had left there, and to return with them to the main body.
Marianne's ideas were still, at intervals, fixed incoherently on her mother, and whenever she mentioned her name, it gave a pang to the heart of poor Elinor, who, reproaching herself for having trifled with so many days of illness, and wretched for some immediate relief, fancied that all relief might soon be in vain, that every thing had been delayed too long, and pictured to herself her suffering mother arriving too late to see this darling child, or to see her rational.
I have sought to impart this relief to the more serious passages in the book, not only because I believe myself to be justified in doing so by the laws of Art -- but because experience has taught me (what the experience of my readers will doubtless confirm) that there is no such moral phenomenon as unmixed tragedy to be found in the world around us.
How glad and how grateful the relief from this unnatural hallucination of the night, and the fatal contingency of being brought by the lee!