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RELIEVERevista Electrónica de Investigación y Evaluación Educativa (Spanish)
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But if neither time nor place be known, then the left wing will be impotent to succor the right, the right equally impotent to succor the left, the van unable to relieve the rear, or the rear to support the van.
If you knew my present feelings, you would even try to relieve them at the expense of your own.'
'I will go - in a minute, if that can relieve you - and NEVER return!' said I, with bitter emphasis.
Now the verb-form, relieve: (1) The sudden appearance of the boy who had disappeared for close to a month relieved my anxiety.
Furthermore, as a good example of the international reach the Net provides, Table 1 shows that Spain, though it is the country where RELIEVE was created and where it is published, is not the country with most readers of the journal.
She notes that Similasan Kids Cough Relief cough syrup stimulates the body's natural ability to relieve the symptoms of a dry, hacking cough and that it soothes the cough reflex in the throat and lungs so that mucus or other irritations no longer trigger coughing.
After concerted pressure from the NSWNA, NSW Health has agreed to introduce a $50 per shift payment to nurses and midwives who relieve nurses in charge of a hospital with over 100 beds after hours.
"Study shows supplements relieve osteoarthritis pain"
Baked potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates, which trigger the release of the chemical serotonin and relieve stress.