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Identification of a31-bp Deletion in the RELN Gene Causing Lissencephaly with Cerebellar Hypoplasia in Sheep.
Other genes identified in precursor lesions include PENK, CDKN2A/p16, STK11/LKB1, SPARC, SFRP1/SARP2 (chromosome arm 8p), TSLC1, RELN (chromosome arm 7q), TFPI2, CLDN5 (chromosome arm 22q), and UCHL1 in IPMNs (37,122,123); PENK, CDKN2A/p16, CLDN5, NPTX2, RPRM, SFRP1/SARP2, and LHX1 (chromosome arm 11p) in PanINs (117,118,124); and CDKN2A/p16 in MCNs.
Differential and epigenetic gene expression profiling identifies frequent disruption of the RELN pathway in pancreatic cancers.
Using Western blot analysis, we measured relative changes in the protein levels of MT2, FRYL, RELN, and MAPK8.
Studies of the gene encoding 67-kDa glutamic acid ([GAD.sub.67]), and the RELN gene in GABAergic interneurons in postmortem prefrontal cortex of patients with schizophrenia have shown downregulation at transcriptional and translational levels (56,57).
De esta manera se han encontrado amplificaciones en algunos de esos genes y se ha observado hasta el momento que su presencia en ciertas poblaciones podria estar contribuyendo a aumentar el riesgo a padecer: enfermedad bipolar cuando hay amplificacion en el gen SEF2-1B, OMIM 602272; autismo cuando estan en el gen RELN, OMIM 600514; sindrome de Jacobsen en el gen CBL2, OMIM 147791; cancer de ovarios en el gen hRAS1, OMIM 190020 y cancer de prostata en el gen NCOA3, OMIM 601937 (Anonimo 2004).
Gene name Gene Fold YB-1 Scramble-RPKM change KD-RPKM Collagen, type III, Col3a1 4.58 1.89125 0.412824 alpha 1 Collagen, type V, alpha 2 Col5a2 3.40 4.68447 1.37872 Thrombospondin 2 Thbs2 2.15 0.414252 0.193934 Reelin Reln 1.89 0.916106 0.48511 Thrombospondin 1 Thbs1 1.79 93.503 52.3547 Collagen, type I, alpha 2 Col1a2 1.78 5.134 2.87674 Collagen, type IV, alpha 2 Col4a2 1.69 119.857 70.8253 Collagen, type IV, alpha 1 Col4a1 1.63 202.428 123.942 Integrin beta 6 Itgb6 1.61 6.48106 4.03229 FIGURE 1: The YB-1 cistrome in hepatic progenitor cells.
Integrins are differentially expressed in specific regions in the adult brain [108] and they interact with Reln (Reelin) to activate cortical lamination [109].
Lissencephaly is a malformation that occurs relatively often in humans, and mutations in the LIS1, doublecortin (DCX), filamin-1, tubulin A1A (TUBA1A), and reelin (RELN) genes have been linked to the occurrence of this condition.
We have not examined other genes that have been implicated in the hypothesized gene-environment interaction such as RELN or AChE or other PON1 polymorphisms (Moy and Nadler 2008).
Table 2 classifies the 68 up-regulated and 39 down-regulated genes into 9 classes according to their known functions and reports the genes mainly involved in detoxication/ chemoresistance (ABCB1), invasiveness and cell adhesion pathways (ENPP2, EMP2, DCN), and neuronal structure and signaling (PRPH, RELN, SYCP2, MDK).