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RELORegional English Language Office (US Embassies)
RELOReal Estate Loan Officer
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The RELO Quality Certification(tm) (RQC) is the first program in the relocation industry to quantify and qualify what true relocation service excellence means.
Charles Olson, Chief Technology Officer of The Corcoran Group, accepted recognition from RELO for the success and comprehensive design of the company's intranet, 'eCorcoran.
Susan Gombocz, of Armonk, and Silvana Malpelli, of Somers, relocation counselors with Houlihan/Lawrence relocation management, were both recently awarded the RELO certified coordinator designation by RELO/The Premier Real Estate Network.
Marie Montchal, vice president of relocation at the Daniel Gale Agency, announced that Suzanne Hildebrandt and Laurie Moledo were recently awarded the certified coordinator title by RELO, the world's largest relocation network.
But Relos has been arrested and is now in the custody of the police, along with his two brothers, Roy and Dondon, also sidewalk vendors.
Relos brothers (L-R) Roy, 32; Dondon, 34, and Romnick, 29, arrive at PNP-CIDG headquarters Tuesday afternoon.
But the number of Relos was small then, no more than a few hundred thousand.
Whatever their numbers, he says, the demographics of Relos give them a disproportionately large social influence.
Once on the job with global companies, rookie Relos can expect to be moved and promoted.
It further held that the homes are capital assets to the taxpayer and that amounts paid by the taxpayer to the relos for such items as mortgage payments, broker's commissions, title examinations, and transfer taxes are nondeductible capital expenditures that must be added to the bases of the homes.