RELRRandom-Effects Logistic Regression (computational efficiency)
RELRReduced Error Logistic Regression (algorithm)
RELRReal Estate Law Report (newsletter)
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He places these concepts in relationship to reduced error logistic regression (RELR) computation mechanisms to provide an introductory overview for professionals interesting in neuromorphic cognitive machines.
Abbreviations and conventions in examples 1s 1st person singular 1px 1st person plural exclusive 2s 2nd person singular 3d 3rd person dual 3f 3rd person singular feminine 3m 3rd person singular masculine 3s 3rd person singular 3p 3rd person plural f feminine m masculine sg singular pl plural O object S subject ASP aspect ANAPH anaphoric demonstrative COYT continuous aspect DEM demonstrative EMPH emphatic clitic HAB habitual aspect YEG negation PossI inalienable possessive PossII alienable possessive RED reduplication RELR relator [stm.sub.2] 2nd part of bipartite stem