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REMRapid Eye Movement (band)
REMRapid Eye Movement (sleep state)
REMRoentgen Equivalent in Man/Mammal
REMRemainder (computer programming and mathematics)
REMRasterelektronenmikroskop (German)
REMReal Estate Management
REMReal Estate Magazine
REMRecognition Memory
REMRare-Earth Metal
REMRegistered Environmental Manager
REMRandom Effects Model
REMResource Efficiency Management (US Navy)
REMRisk Enterprise Management
REMRegister of Ecological Models
REMRadioactivity Environmental Monitoring
REMReflection Electron Microscopy
REMRandom Early Marking
REMRing Error Monitor
REMRéseau Européen de la Microfinance (French: European Microfinance Network)
REMRegional Electricity Market
REMRemote Elevator Monitoring
REMRetrieving Effectively from Memory (Shiffrin & Steyvers)
REMReference Earth Model
REMRéseau Européen des Migrations (French: European Migration Network; est. 2002)
REMRun-Time Enforcement for Mobile and Distributed Systems
REMRetention of Employment Model (UK NHS)
REMRapid Evaluation Method
REMRoute Evaluation Module
REMRefocusing Mechanism
REMRange Extension Modes
REMRange Equipment Manual
REMRange Encryption Module
REMRelease Escape Mechanism
REMResonancia Electromagnética
REMRelease Engagement Mechanism
REMRegistered Equipment Manager
REMRisk Equalisation Mechanism (EU health insurance)
REMRedmax Enterprise Modem
REMReady-to-Eat Meal
REMRadon Environmental Monitoring (Northbrook, IL)
REMRemote Extension Moscow
REMRefurbished Equipment Market
REMReview Existing Maintenance (engineering)
REMRickitt Educational Media (educational software: UK)
REMReal Estate Media
REMRacial Ethnic Minority (population classification)
REMRegional Executive Manager
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While other types of neurons in the brainstem and hypothalamus have been shown to influence REM sleep, Dan said, "Because of the strong induction of REM sleep -- in 94 percent of the recorded trials our mice entered REM sleep within seconds of activating the neurons -- we think this might be a critical node of a relatively small network that makes the decision whether you go into dream sleep or not.
Then you have the best of |tributes to REM, a band that has filled venues to capacity.
The onset of the first REM sleep period is significantly delayed at all doses and appears to be the most recognizable effect of alcohol on REM sleep, followed by a reduction in total night REM sleep.
The Direct Pipe method was chosen tor the Highway 70 site to allow REM Directional to cross under the roadway and five canals.
Based on this model, investigators have hypothesized that targeting noradrenergic signaling during or near REM episodes may normalize REM sleep, which in turn might improve PTSD sleep disturbances and, potentially, other PTSD symptoms, Dr.
The discovery of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep by Aserinsky and Kleitman in 1953 initiated the impetus for sleep research and specifically the investigations of the effects of REM sleep deprivation (RSD) on animal and human behavior.
REM sleep is a unique phenomenon marked by indices of highly active brain while the subject/animal experiences probably the deepest phase of rest and sleep.
REM was implemented in the Manuscripts Branch in April this year.
Researchers have documented the dearth of empirical articles focusing on the career development of diverse REM groups.
Although sleep latency and REM latency were longer in the patient group, the results of the polysomnographic tests revealed no significant differences in the groups for total sleep time (TST), sleep efficiency, sleep latency, rapid eye movement (REM) latency, percentage of stage 1 non-REM sleep and REM sleep.
When we switch into REM sleep, our breathing becomes more rapid, irregular and shallow, our eyes jerk rapidly in various directions, and our limb muscles become temporarily paralysed.
The Minus 3, which features REM's guitarist Peter Buck and drummer Bill Rieflin alongside Scott McCaughey, who has also played with REM, will perform at Birmingham's Academy 2 with former Soft Boy Robyn Hitchcock.