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REMAPRegional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (US EPA)
REMAPResearch in Engineering, Media and Performance (University of California at Los Angeles; California)
REMAPResearch Maximization and Prioritization (NASA task force)
REMAPRepresentation and Maintenance of Process Knowledge
REMAPRehabilitation Engineering Movement Advisory Panel (UK)
REMAPRural Entrepreneur and Microenterprise Assistance Program (grant and loan program)
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2010): 95C for 3 min pre- denaturation; 30 cycle of; 15 sec 95C denaturation, 1 min for annealing temperature (30' for IRAP and REMAP PCR, annealing temperatures were presented in Table 1), 1 min for 68C extension (for IRAP and REMAP PCR, extension time is 3 min) and 72C 10 min for final extension step.
Referrals to REMAP, across 14 areas, are usually made through the NHS, social work departments and occupational therapists.
It is the cost of materials for specialist knobs on cookers or adaptations to children's toys that has prompted REMAP to apply to this year's Making A Difference Awards.