REMBASSRemotely-Monitored Battlefield Sensor System
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In the IBCT, the ground collection platoon will consist of a four-person measurement and signatures intelligence (MASINT) section and the REMBASS systems.
Automation training within the 96R10 course primarily revolves around two systems, the AN/ PPS-5B/D and the REMBASS systems.
In addition, a four-Soldier ground surveillance radar (GSR) and Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System (REMBASS) team from Delta Company, 311th MI Battalion, augmented our Battalion.
In its latest form, the Rembass II system can detect personnel at a range of 75 metres, wheeled vehicles at 500 and tracked vehicles at 750 metres.
In March we had a REMBASS sensor activation in a streambed north, northeast of KAF.
To a large extent, the tactical Army is going to play catch-up with the technology advances that have occurred since the fielding of the original REMBASS and the AN/PPS-5/15 radars were fielded.
* Scout platoon leader and other collection team leaders such as LLVI, ground surveillance radar (GSR), REMBASS.
They provided scanners, frequency grabbers, and COTS versions of REMBASS. All of these systems proved invaluable to our mission.
KFOR MI leaders recognized the requirements for REMBASS systems and sent the request for validation from TF 101 MI through U.S.
We deployed three AN/PRD-13s, one AN/PPS-5D Ground Surveillance Radar, the Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System II (REMBASS II), and the TUAV surrogate for the FTX.
The ground sensor platoon deployed as three separate teams: the Prophet Ground system, the GSRs (ground surveillance radars), and REMBASS II (Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System II).
The RSTA squadron also includes TROJAN SPIRIT II (Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal II) and a Ground Sensor Platoon with Prophet Ground and REMBASS II (Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System II).