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REMFRobert Eaton Memorial Fund (UK)
REMFReal Estate Mutual Fund
REMFRear Echelon Mother Figure (slang military term; polite form)
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Jacob had done a lot of work to support the REMF and it was his family's wish that any money raised be donated to the fund.
51) From Medea's stated perspective, Jason's motives in abandoning their formally established [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] relationship closely accord with Shay's description of the callous motives and strategies of a REMF.
As a REMF, my story reflects the reality of Vietnam for most of the 2.
The environment from which REMF Muslim groups grow includes conditions both inside Muslim societies and perceived threats from outside the ummah (nation or community).
The narrator/librarian also refers to the three books he has written about his Vietnam experiences, "REMF Diary,""The REMF Returns," and "In the Army Now.