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REMFRobert Eaton Memorial Fund (UK)
REMFReal Estate Mutual Fund
REMFRear Echelon Mother Figure (slang military term; polite form)
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Jacob had done a lot of work to support the REMF and it was his family's wish that any money raised be donated to the fund.
"I also got to know Jacob as one of the REMF squad, during the coaching sessions we held leading up to this year's charity match against Crystal Palace.
(51) From Medea's stated perspective, Jason's motives in abandoning their formally established [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] relationship closely accord with Shay's description of the callous motives and strategies of a REMF.
As a REMF, my story reflects the reality of Vietnam for most of the 2.6 million participants.
Very few people, non-Muslim or Muslim, agree with the increasingly violent methods REMF Islamic groups employ against innocent noncombatants and the symbolically important facilities and personnel of what they perceive as "secular" societies.
A mailing list is created by linking the locations of parcels within a specified work area determined by the GIS to owner mailing addresses in the city's real estate master file (REMF), and service addresses extracted from the water and sewer customer billing system.
This was the price: one REMF's misfortune didn't measure up to battlefield loss.
no wof remF do ano A Yor yea N that cons and whil Ms stres "Th listen like, t every "It c with New York divorce lawyer Sari Friedman said that among the key factors for the judge to consider would be how long the marriage lasted and whether or not Eisel paid child support while they were separated.