REMFSReal Estate Mutual Fund Scheme
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(48.) The following discussion of the qualities that characterize REMFs comes from Shay 1994, 154-60.
(51) From Medea's stated perspective, Jason's motives in abandoning their formally established [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] relationship closely accord with Shay's description of the callous motives and strategies of a REMF.
This situation led me a few years ago to write my own memoir, Desk Warrior: Memoirs of a Combat REMF (1999), a book that I propose is distinctive in the vast Vietnam bibliography.
As a REMF, my story reflects the reality of Vietnam for most of the 2.6 million participants.
an Army REMF in 1970; the I Corps theater in the northernmost provinces of South Vietnam vs.
REMFs worked long and hard hours to provide a diversity of essential services to all soldiers to allow them to perform their duties with a minimum of "Mickey Mouse" interruptions.
Having served there as a rifle platoon leader with the 101st Airborne Division, I can attest that grunts and REMFs worked together in a somewhat strange, symbiotic relationship to complete a common mission in an unpopular war.
This was the price: one REMF's misfortune didn't measure up to battlefield loss.