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REMISReal Estate Management Information System
REMISReliability & Maintainability Information System
REMISRisk Evaluation & Management Information System
REMISRegional Emergency Medical Information System
REMISRegional Environmental Management Information System
REMISResources Management Information Systems
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The doors are currently produced by REMIS GmbH in Germany, but with retailer interest on the rise, Pletcher says REMIS America is working out the details to produce the doors in the U.
Better integration of basic research in the ecological and social domains really would improve conservation strategies and outcomes, but it also would improve goodwill for the communities that often feel resentment toward protecting wildlife," Remis recommends.
Remis and Rebecca Hardin, an associate professor of cultural anthropology at the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources, made observations on issues specific to animal species, forest fragmentation, ecotourism, local culture and industry in Central African Republic's Dzanga-Sangha Dense Forest Reserve.
GAO was asked to determine whether REMIS could provide reliable information on the Corps' civil works land disposals from fiscal years 1996 through 2006.
Oh, man, if you're a guy who can salsa dance you've got it made," Remis jokes.
A law graduate, Remis had more interest in the possibilities of using CD-Rom to store and reuse information of all kind.
Les suspects o AaAaAeA[c]tAaAaAeA[c] remis AaAaAeA0x20 la garde nationale, a prAaAaAeA[c]cisAaAaAeA[c] la mAaAa
Par ailleurs, le ministre de la Culture a remis a Fouad Bessaieh, le fils du defunt, un [beaucoup moins que] ecrin culturel [beaucoup plus grand que], un geste symbolique honorant la memoire de son pere.
Feu El Bachir Babet, resistant (le Ouissam est remis a son fils Adnane Babet).
Le 18 septembre 2014, Tim McMillan, depute de Lloydminster et ministre responsable de la Sante des milieux ruraux et eloignes a remis sa demission, qui prendra effet le 30 septembre 2014.
Zerguine a, par ailleurs, remis en question la facon dont la societe a pu avoir l'autorisation d'exploiter a 100% ce gisement qui assure la moitie de la production nationale de gaz naturel.