REMLRestricted Maximum Likelihood (statistical)
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Model selection: Let p represent the number of parameters approximated and log L is the REML maximum log likelihood.
Estimation of variance component for 1,048 animals using REML Source Variance SE V(G) 0.32 0.06 V(e) 0.76 0.05 Vp 1.09 0.05 V(G)/Vp 0.30 0.05 L([H.sub.0]) (1) -558.524 -- L([H.sub.1]) (2) -527.841 -- LRT (3) 61.366 -- df 1 -- Pval 2.387e-15 -- n 1,048 -- REML, restricted maximum likelihood; SE, standard error; V(G), genetic variance estimate; V(e), residual variance estimate; Vp, phenotypic variance estimate; V(G)/ Vp, ratio of genetic variance to phenotypic variance estimate.
Results for factors affecting the distribution of foraging intensity based on the best generalized additive model (GAM); s: smooth function represented using penalized regression splines, edf: estimated degrees of freedom, REML score: restricted maximum likelihood score.
REML has drawn extensive consideration in psychiatric research since the association between a shortened value and the diagnosis of severe MDD was established by Kupfer and Forster in 1972 [11].
The independent variables included age, gender, BMI, TST, SE, SL, REML, WASO, NREM1%, NREM2%, NREM3%, REM%, AHI, arousal index, P%, ESS, and MOCA.
When outliers are present in the data, REML and ML estimates can be adversely impacted (Pinheiro, Liu, and Wu, 2001).
Credit Suisse has launched its X-Links leveraged mortgage REIT ETN (NYSE: REML), the company said.
Generally, the methods used to estimate the parameters of the mixed models are based on the theory of Maximum Likelihood, i.e., the methods of Maximum Likelihood (ML) and Restricted Maximum Likelihood (REML).
Genstat 12.1[c] (2009) was used for REML (Residual Maximum Likelihood) variance component analysis.