REMMRequirements Engineering Meta Model
REMMRadiation Event Medical Management (US DHHS)
REMMRiparian Ecosystem Management Model (computer simulation model)
REMMResourceful, Evaluative, Maximizing Model (financial behavior)
REMMRomanian Evangelical Medical Mission
REMMReliability Enhancement Methodology and Modeling
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This new platform will allow REMM to offer management services for all property types, including office, retail, industrial and residential.
Larry Newton, will put REMM to work this spring when they conduct a pilot study at a commercial hog farm in Tift County.
The carbon emissions mitigation potential of a simple PV module and a PVTCI module per unit load, when REMM model is incorporated may be deduced in Equation 16 (5), (13).
According to Table 1, a PVTCI module has a REMM efficiency that is six times more than the base scenario.
Ri] as the cross-cutting parameter of REMM is given by Equation 1 whose ratio of the exergy demand [[epsilon].
Following the derivation of the intra-systems scope of REMM as was given in Figure 1, this leads to an inversely related, and thus rather high amount of exergy destroyed in system (i), which must now be resupplied in another system (j) in the energy system as [[epsilon].
2] mitigation scenarios based on target factors H for each of the four main variables in REMM, namely [c.
Parametric Analysis with REMM and Its Optimization Benefits
1), then the optimal solution from REMM calculations, will be
REMM can be used in conjunction with upland models, empirical data, or estimated loadings to examine scenarios of buffer zone design for a billslope.
REMM was developed to simulate and analyze the water quality functions of riparian areas for the control of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment transport into surface waters.