REMMRequirements Engineering Meta Model
REMMRadiation Event Medical Management (US DHHS)
REMMRiparian Ecosystem Management Model (computer simulation model)
REMMResourceful, Evaluative, Maximizing Model (financial behavior)
REMMRomanian Evangelical Medical Mission
REMMReliability Enhancement Methodology and Modeling
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We can't wait for to be a part of that exciting landscape," said Remm. - TradeArabia News Service
"I couldn't have left the company in better hands," said the REMM Group Founder, Robert M.
The term [[psi].sub.R] is the new Rational Exergy Management Model (REMM) efficiency (Kilkis, S 2006-b).
The only other possibility is that treatment with KOH may have obliterated the aedeagus and hypandrium during extractive treatment, but we discount this as a cause because (1) the same result was achieved for all Pachycerina males we dissected and (2) Shatalkin's (1995) and Remm & Elberg's (1979) diagrams are similarly without any structures that could be called an aedeagus or hypandrium (e.g., Fig.
Graves said it was difficult to say if ConAgra would remm to Jonesboro after the sale.
Wie is credited with opening the door for the remm of the LPGA tour to Oahu--possibly in 2006.
Janet Remm, 46, of May Lea, Witton Gilbert, County Durham, could only be freed after forensic tests indicated he had inflicted the wound himself.
An open verdict was recorded on Christopher Remm, 41, found dead at his home in Maylea, Witton Gilbert, County Durham, on February 5.
But Berthold, who researches how crickets communicate at Cambridge University's Zoology department, said there will be no more Hedwigs since he and wife Elke use her maiden name Remm for their children.
Jensen demolishes this with an integrative model of the individual as resourceful, evaluative, and maximizing, or REMM. Four postulates exist in the REMM model: Every individual cares, each individual's wants are unlimited, each individual is a maximizer, and the individual is resourceful.
Now, scientists can also run computer simulations from their lab, using software they developed called REMM - short for Riparian Ecosystem Management Model.