REMPRenewable Energy Mitigation Program (building codes; Colorado)
REMPReal Estate Marketplace (various locations)
REMPRadiological Environmental Monitoring Program (federal regulatory committee)
REMPRenewable Energy Master Plan (Nigeria)
REMPRural Electrification Master Plan
REMPRapid Eye Movement Period
REMPResearch, Engineering, Math and Physics (US NSA)
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The criticism of the REMP model is usually based upon the fact that the REMP is a rational decision model whereas people do not always act rationally; emotions could affect decision-making.
Findings of this study highlight that REMP were more likely to find importance for Congress to address healthcare issues surrounding aging populations than their NHWP counterparts.
Udall says REMP now spends $50,000 per year on wind power, which he estimates will keep 40 million pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air over the next 10 years.
Excluding the REMP acquisition, Tecan's year-end sales grew 12.
In that respect the REMP envisagesobtainingfeedback from direct project beneficiaries through customersatisfaction and perception surveys and the establishment of regular customerssatisfaction monitoring, and targetedmeetings and analysis todiscuss how this feedbackcan be used to improve project outcomes
9 million) in revenues from the acquisition of REMP sales (see IBO 6/15/05), sales grew 17.
The procurement of an automated sample handling systems for 2D coded REMP 96 300L pipes.
It also released the REMP 96 Tube Technology 900, enabling storage of biological materials.
Earlier this month, Tecan announced its acquisition of REMP (see IBO 6/15/05), a maker of compounds storage systems, devices and consumables for CHF 92 million ($73.
Zurich, Switzerland 6/10/05--Tecan has signed an agreement to acquire REMP for CHF 92 million ($73.