REMPIResonance Enhanced Multi-Photon Ionization
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With REMPI, the molecule absorbs the first photon for excitation and the second photon for subsequent ionization.
The PAHs molecules having absorbed the first photon in the excited state could absorb another photon to the ionization potential (IP) to accomplish the 1 + 1 REMPI process.
During 1 + 1 REMPI absorption process, the ionization efficiency of a molecule depended primarily on two factors: [[sigma].sub.1], the cross section for absorption of the first photon which excites the molecule from the ground electronic state into an electronically excited intermediate state; [[sigma].sub.2], the cross section for absorption of the second photon which pumps the excited molecule into the ionization continuum.
On the other hand, the [[sigma].sub.2] could determine the intensity of the REMPI spectra as well.
Therefore, the signal peaks should be carefully identified, even though the REMPI technique had superior selectivity.