REMTRoyal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (Endinburgh, Scotland, UK)
REMTRenewable Energy Market Transformation (South Africa)
REMTRegional Emergency Management Team
REMTRegistered Emergency Medical Technician
REMTRegistered Equine Massage Therapist
REMTRational Emotive Behavior Therapy
REMTRadiological Emergency Medical Team
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The authors' analysis demonstrated large effect sizes for both CBT and REMT. Psychodynamic therapy, psychoeducation, physical exercise, and supportive interventions demonstrated medium effect sizes.
In conclusion, there is strong evidence to support the use of CBT and REMT based upon the effect sizes obtained in the meta-analyses, but other treatment may be suitable as well.
Error t-ratio P-Value Const 0.947137 0.076702 12.3283 0.00025 (***) GDP -0.0153972 0.00604146 -2.5486 0.06340 (*) ARG 0.00153362 0.00278865 0.5500 0.61162 UNEMP -0.0464492 0.00345016 -4.0254 0.01579 (**) CPI -0.00791533 0.011539 -2.2942 0.08347 (*) REMT 8.88373e-05 1.32364e-05 6.7116 0.00257 (***) PCI -7.27051e-06 1.32774e-06 -5.4758 0.00541 (***) DE -0.046079 0.0134435 -3.4276 0.02659 (**) Dependent Variable: GINI Note: (*) Indicates that the coefficients are significant at the 1 percent level.
Los principios tecnicos relacionadas con la aplicacion de la rEMT son similares a los comentados en la aplicacion de la EMT por pulsos unicos.
La rEMT ha ayudado a mejorar la comprension de los mecanismos que subyacen funciones cognitivas (46, 47) y su modulacion plastica (11, 48, 49), dependiendo de la frecuencia de estimulacion utilizada (50).
La aplicacion de la rEMT a frecuencias mayores a 1 Hz, aplicadas sobre la region prefrontal izquierda, en individuos sanos, se ha visto que mejora de manera significativa diversos procesos cognitivos.
En este sentido, por ejemplo, a nivel cerebelar, la aplicacion de rEMT a baja frecuencia, produjo cambios en las respuestas emocionales ante diversos estimulos, cuyos registros se hicieron por medios electroencefalograficos (53).
De la misma forma, la rEMT ha permitido identificar de una manera mas precisa, las areas cerebrales relacionadas con la modulacion positiva y negativa de diversas condiciones neurosiquiatricas (55).
The REMT Project is a joint initiative of the World Bank and Department of Energy, and is being implemented by the REMT Implementation Support Unit, which is housed within the Development Bank of Southern Africa.
REMT seeks to provide policy and institutional capacity building support at the national level, as well as offer matching grants to co-finance eligible pre-investment activities in the development of REPG and SWH projects.
Rausch, T., Sanddal, N., Remt, T., Sanddal, T., & Esposito, T.
The only variables which came out as significant for poverty levels all-Pakistan (POVP), urban areas, (POVU) and rural areas (POVR) were real per capita GNP (YPER), remittances (REMT and REMTY), real wages (WAGE), labour force as a share of total population (LFP), and labour force engaged in agriculture (LFAgr).