RENCENRenaissance Center (Detroit, Michigan)
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Purging waste from the RenCen bedeviled GM's environmental sustainability officials for a time.
The automaker collaborated with 11 other RenCen corporate tenants--including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan--as well as 27 retailers and 20 restaurants.
For this reason, RenCen engineers applied "doghouse"-type chip shedding designs that minimize the use of flat surfaces, as well as using coolant systems with more volume and higher pressures to flush the workpiece.
RenCen Machine Co Inc., or circle 219
The numbers are staggering: 5,300 GM employees, 1,200 non-General Motors tenants, and 6,000 visitors pass through the RenCen each day.
Embraced by its tenants and Detroit citizens, General Motors has breathed life into the once-architectural failure of the RenCen, as well as other facilities nationwide.
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