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The pretty girl went upstairs, leaving Rene to finish his porringer of buckwheat in boiled milk.
He added that Rene Weiler will be in constant contact with the youth sector, especially the promising elements that represent the future of the club.
A lot of his friends in the art community know that Tatay Rene whom we fondly nicknamed 'The Legend' for his works and achievements as a photographer was also a visual artist himself.
Lumawag, fondly called as"Tatay Rene by his colleagues, was in the media industry for about four decades, and had inspired the careers of many homegrown photographers
As the years pass, Rene and Leon's parents fight with increasing frequency--and ferocity.
The appointment of Rene Trabelsi as minister of tourism and handicrafts in the cabinet reshuffle announced last Monday has sparked a great controversy within the political and parliamentary circles and also on social media.
This statement is coming a few hours after a certain American, Sawhn Rene claimed that she was defrauded by Runtown of $124,000.
In the mid-'70s until the early '80s, Rene's voice, with the music of his older brother, Dennis' band, Hotdog, could be heard on radio, and many times caught on TV whenever there was a new song to promote.
So, a criminal complaint for murder was filed in the Regional Trial Court against Lando and his family for the killing of Rene with treachery and abuse of superior strength.