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Renesas Electronics Corporation - Renesas Electronics Announces Consolidated Forecasts and Forecasts of Cash Dividends -- 14/5/2019
Regarding 'Renesas Electronics Corporation Stock Options for FY2019 (Series No.6)'
Renesas plans to finance the transaction with cash reserves and approximately JPY 679bn in bank loans.
With the trend toward energy efficiency and green design of commercial buildings, the challenges of renovating existing facilities is growing, particularly for power distribution networks, since most commercial buildings have areas where RF and traditional network cabling do no reach, said Akihiro Kuroda, Vice President, Renesas Electronics Corporation.
We look forward to continuing our work with leaders such as Renesas, as well as further strengthening our efforts with silicon partners across the ecosystem.
Renesas already offers AI unit solutions that can detect previously invisible faults in real time by minutely analyzing oscillation waveforms from motors or machines.
Renesas' new software development toolset makes it possible to generate new services that combine, in real time, vehicle data (e.g., the driving status and the state of the drivers) and cloud-based data (e.g., construction, congestion, or other road conditions) as well as weather reports and maps.
"By cooperating with Altia on code generation software development to line up with the availability of the R-Car E3 hardware, Renesas and Altia offer our customers the opportunity to build the latest HMI innovations into their next-generation embedded displays.
Shares in Renesas spiked 5.54 percent on the news, before dropping back slightly in the late morning.
The INTEGRITY Real- Time Operating System with Multivisor secure virtualization built on Renesas' R-Car SoC through cooperative efforts with Renesas is already highly regarded by OEMs and Tier1s, and we hope to continue working with Renesas to create a flexible platform that supports Linux and Android that can meet even the most stringent OEM requirements for future advanced automobiles.
Renesas' earlier RH850 multicore model-based development environment automatically allocated software to the multiple cores and although verifying performance was possible, in complex systems that included multirate control, it was necessary to implement everything manually, including the RTOS and device drivers.