RENESISRotary Engine Genesis
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The vehicle is an evolution of the Renesis engine that powered the RX-8.
Known as the Renesis, this engine was designed to reduce exhaust emission and improve fuel economy, which were two of the main drawbacks of rotary engines.
Two different versions of the twinrotor Renesis engine were available.
Previously, Mazda won for its Miller-cycle engine (used in the Eunos 800) in 1993 and for the RENESIS Rotary engine (for the RX-8) in 2003.
While the rotary engine has been abandoned by all vehicle manufacturers with the exception of Mazda, that company has not only continued to refine and optimize what it calls its RENESIS rotary engine--which is found beneath the hood of its RX-8 sports car--but Mazda engineers are quite literally taking the rotary engine to an all-new level by powering it with hydrogen.
The experimental Mazda5 also uses the Renesis rotary engine since its slightly lower operating temperature is more suitable for hydrogen.
The test car was powered by the Renesis 1.3-litre which delivers an amazing 228bhp and musters exhilarating acceleration which propels the car to 62mph in 6.4 seconds.
At its heart and providing the power is Mazda's unique RENESIS engine, a power unit unlike anything else on the road at the moment.
Two regular Mazda RX-8 models are available and both are powered by an ultra smooth-revving Renesis rotary engine.
Probably the least conventional car to wear a Mazda badge is the RX8, with its rare Renesis twin rotary engine.
The four-door vehicle, equipped with the new-generation Renesis rotary engine, comes with black leather interior.