RENIGRed Nacional de Instituciones Geográficas Universitarias (Spanish: National Network of Geographical University Institutions; Mexico)
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Father to Alan, Kelvin, Mark and Renig. Private Service at Cotehele on Friday, July 13th at 2.30 p.m., followed by Public Interment at Mynwent Menai, Menai Bridge.
Crowe drafted a resolution to renig Jacques Chirac's invitation to attend the bicentennial celebration of the Louisiana Purchase.
(7) Like the female in The Wife's Lament, this narrator is also confined; she sits apart and grieves, perhaps for impending enmity between her husband's kin and her own: "ponne hit waes renig weder, ond ic reotogu saet" (Then it was rainy weather, and I sat weeping; 10).