RENOTRegional Office Notice
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I fully expect to meet those who a renot good drivers,and those perhaps like myself,Osborne and most others who make make a minor error -but I expect that; and I never hoot at anyone.
Qualifications a renot the only positive outcome from Sam's education.
As long as they are doing their job, what the hell, they a renot hurting anybody.
It means that,in Merseyside,only 10.7%of 16 to 18-year-olds a renot in education,employment ortraining,compared to 12.1% in 2002.
And don't worry if you a renot an expert: ``This walk,'' says Chris,``is for all people who like general bird watching, whether it's looking out at birds in the garden or for those who live in the area and are interested in what's around them.''
The DTI advises this in order to ensure part-time workers a renot treated less favourably,although, todate, there has not been opportunity for a tribunal to confirm this advice as being the correct interpretation of the regulations.
NO Mr Firth (Gay Daze,ECHO letters January 14), you a renot a voice in the wilderness.
``If I do score again it will be great,'' saidKeane.``Everton a renot an easy team to play against.
I FIND it incongruous that Liverpool seven-year-olds a renot to participate in standard assessment tests in spite of their poor performances (City Kids Exams Scrapped,ECHO January 19).
The under-17s a renot in action after their national play- off quarterfinal tie with Leicester City was put back to Saturday,April 17.
It's also perfect for whipping up something simple and tasty after a long day at the office,he points out.``I've found people don't have the time to produce long and complicated recipes and,by and large, they a renot going to cook duck or langoustine every night.
``The answer is no, they don't need to be in prison, they a renot a threat to society,and the British taxpayer should not be expected to finance this unnecessary incarceration of women.''