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REOReal Estate Owned
REORange Estimate Object
REORatio of Error Object
REORadial Error Offset
REORegion Error Option
REOResult Evaluation Object
REOResident Evil: Outbreak (video game)
REOResearch Electro-Optics, Inc. (Boulder, CO)
REORansom Eli Olds (automobile manufacturer and namesake of the Oldsmobile and Reo brands; origin for band REO Speedwagon)
REORare Earth Oxide
REORenewable Energy Objective (various locations)
REORegional Education Office (various locations)
REORegional Ecosystem Office
REORegional Environmental Office
REORegional Embassy Office (US State Department)
REORegional Ecumenical Organization
REORepair Engineering Order (aerospace)
REORespiratory Enteric Orphan Virus
REOReseau Educatif de l'Ontario (French)
REORadar Electro-Optical
REORadio Electronics Officer
REOResearch Enterprise Office (Malaysia)
REOResidual Efficient Organization
REORace Equality Officer
REOResource Optimizer
REORegional Economic Organisation
REOReceiver Eye Opening (ANSI)
REOReadiness Engineering Office/Officer
REORadiated Emissions Test
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The retirees she interviewed in the 1990s sounded a lot like the 1920s editions of the company's public relations magazine Reo Spirit.
The REO then imposed an additional requirement, that bidders "maintain and participate in a bona fide apprentice training program."
Over 45 residential loans and REO assets were sold on an individual basis at an average discount to unpaid principal balance of approximately 34%.
This Commentary projects how the current shadow inventory could translate into actual inventory, as properties move through the foreclosure process to become REOs. These projections show that even with fairly benign assumptions about the likely flow of loans into serious delinquency, and under various plausible assumptions about how the foreclosure and pre-foreclosure processes might change, the stock of REO properties is likely to remain elevated for the next several years.
U.S.-licensed reinsurers with "appropriate" REO ratings would also not be subject to a collateral requirement.
REO GRAND: Hammers midfi Reo-Coker heads Alex Ferguson's summer hit list
SCOTS hotel tycoon Sir Reo Stakis rewarded his loyal secretary in his pounds 6.7million will - but left his children nothing.
Even though I intended my project on the history of the workers, community, and management of the Reo Motor Car Company to be sensitive to gender, I was caught off guard by the constant refrain on hunting in the materials in the archives, company journals, personnel records, grievance reports, and union materials.
To investigate how accurately lenders are valuing properties prior to taking them into REO, we turned to a relatively weak housing market: Cuyahoga County, Ohio (home to Cleveland).