REOMReduced Equations of Motion
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Purpose of the contract: The purpose of this consultation is to carry out a decision support study on the harmonization of financing methods (TEOM / REOM) of the "waste" competence of Grand Chambry The deposit of folds will imperatively have to be handed over by dematerialized way on our profile of buyer.
The 1st mission consists of a study on the setting up of a dedicated financing for the competence of household waste management (teom or reom) with a possible incentive.
Main features: approximately 14,500 "uncollected" bills with optical stub + sepa direct debit mandate, per semester, ie 29,000 invoices per year (2 shipments per year: end of january and end of august), approximately 6,500 "collected" invoices, ie 13 000 invoices per year, approximately 1 000 additional invoices and 2 000 regularization mails with optical stub, 3 000 regularizations per year, about 3 000 reom invoices professionals, divided into 4 shipments per year: january, april, july and october
It includes a firm composed of two phases: Phase 1: advantages / disadvantages reom / TEOM, legal and tax consequences of abandoning the current system and Phase 2: TEOM simulations with rate determination and setting up special fee, financial impacts human and the transition to the TEOM.