REP-PCRRepetitive Extragenic Palindromic Sequence Polymerase Chain Reaction (genetics)
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2], 0,2mM dNTP's, 2[micro]M iniciadores, 10ng ADN de la muestra bacteriana y con respecto a la Taq Polimerasa, se emplearon 0,625 U para las PCR con iniciadores especificos y 1 U para las ERIC-PCR y REP-PCR.
Con los resultados de REP-PCR tambien se organizan en cinco grupos geneticos, A: LMV03.
PFGE, RAPD-PCR and REP-PCR clusters were interpreted using Bionumerics software (version 2.
The costs in Euros of PFGE, RAPD-PCR and REP-PCR were compared.
El analisis de los patrones de bandas REP-PCR obtenidos fueron identificados por sus velocidades de migracion especificas en el gel.
Determination of genotypic relationship by PCR tests: DNA obtained from the regional (lettuce, tomato and dwarf umbrella tree) and reference isolates (GSPB 2097, CFBP 2101 and NCPPB 3802) was used for BOX-PCR, ERIC-PCR and REP-PCR.
Os geis de agarose obtidos para as analises da similaridade genetica estao representados pelas Figuras 1 e 2, onde, observase os produtos da tipagem obtidos atraves do uso da tecnica de REP-PCR com primers ERIC para Escherichia coli e Pseudomonas aeruginosa, respectivamente.
4] 16 16 49 49 ERIC-PCR ERIC 1R and ERIC 2 22 10 BOX-PCR BOX-A1R 20 12 REP-PCR REP-PCR 1R and 2I 14 4 Primer Number of Simpson's diversity polymorphic bands index (DI) in Proteus RAPD OPA10 3 0.
medicae used were chosen according to their placement on the dendrogram derived from the REP-PCR analysis and subsequent preliminary plant tests.
Interventions: The genetic diversity was characterized from five bacterial isolates from infants admitted to the pediatric units, using REP-PCR and plasmid fingerprinting.
REP-PCR yielded 4 clusters of strains, consistent with their identical ampC mutational profiles, yet with various contents of [beta]-lactamases.
Banding patterns obtained by REP-PCR and ERIC-PCR assays were identical in both isolates (data not shown).