REPERepeat Equal
REPERepeat While Equal
REPEReal Estate Private Equity (finance)
REPEReexpansion Pulmonary Edema
REPERare Event Probability Estimation
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"You will see me here again." Geoffrey obstinately repe ated the refusal.
DISCUSSION: REPE is a known entity in pneumothorax, which is more commonly seen in elderly people with underlying lung co-morbidity and having long standing pneumothorax.
Usually young people with pneumothorax withstand the procedures well, which was not seen in our case, who is a young man of 27 years who can withstand the procedure related complications but developed REPE and the history was very short for any structural changes in the lung parenchyma.
Usually REPE is self limited and can even be asymptomatic.
El proyecto que aqui presentamos es fruto del trabajo y esfuerzo conjunto llevado a cabo por Jesus Garrido Suarez y el grupo REPE para la Xunta de Galicia quien lo edita en gallego (esperemos que pronto este disponible la version en castellano).
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