REPEMRed de Educación Popular Entre Mujeres (Spanish: Network of Popular Education Among Women; Uruguay)
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Tambien presentes en las lineas o declaraciones de principios de articulaciones regionales feministas como MARCOSUR, www.mujeres o REPEM (Red de Educacion Popular entre mujeres de America Latina y el Caribe),
El mismo informe senala que lo que la REPEM denomina mortalidad por gestacion fue, en el ano 2002 de 46 por 100.000 nacidos vivos (22) "...
--Ciudades seguras, violencia de genero y politicas publicas (Safe Cities, Gender Violence and Public Policy) by Ximena Machicao, REPEM;
Les DF de 2007 seront organises par le groupe mondial de coordination qui comprend le Reseau de Developpement et de Communication des Femmes Africaines (FEMNET), Articulacion Feminista Marcosur (AFM), Akina Mama wa Africa (AmWA), Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of Women's Rights (CLADEM), Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN), Isis InternationaI-Manila (ISIS-Manila), INFORM, National Network of Autonomous Women's Groups (NNAWG), Latin American and Caribbean Youth Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (REDLAC), Red de Educacion Popular entre Mujeres de America Latin y el Caribe / Network of Popular Education Between Women (REPEM), Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML), et Women in Development Europe (WIDE).
(1.) This report was prepared by Ximena Machicao Barbery, General Coordinator of REPEM and Teresa Blandon of the Iniciativa Centroamerica de Seguimiento de la Plataforma para Accion, members of the Beijing+10 Follow-up Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean.
The following is a statement submitted by the Youth for Women's Rights Caucus, a group made up of youth from organizations and networks working to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide, including the Asociacion Panamena de Planificacion Familiar, Asociacion Venezolana de Planificacion Familiar, ASTRA Youth, CHOICE for youth and sexuality, DAWN, Asociacion Demografica Costarricense, HELAM, Ipas, Lentswe La Rona, NAPY, Profamilia, REDLAC, REPEM, YMCA, YouAct and Youth Coalition.
Ximena Machicao is the Executive Director of the Centro de Informacion y Desarrollo de la Mujer, CIDEM, in La Paz, Bolivia; General Coordinator of the Red de Educacion Popular entre Mujeres, REPEM; LACWHN board member; and a member of Bolivia's official delegation to the Open-ended Meeting of the Presiding Officers of the ECLAC Sessional Ad Hoc Committee on Population and Development.
Compiled by Illiana Pereyra Sarti, this publication shares the results from the Third Latin American Contest, "That's How It's Done," organized by the Grupo de Trabajo Latinoamericano en Economia Popular (GTL, Latin American Working Group on Grassroots Economics) under the auspices of REPEM, Red de Educacion Popular Entre Mujeres de America Latina y el Caribe (Latin American and Caribbean Women's Grassroots Education Network).
The Campaign for the Right to Education All Life Long was launched by ICAE, GEO, CEAAL and REPEM (Women's Grassroots Education Network) at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre 2003.
Preliminary report by DAWN, REPEM, CIDEM, Avances y ratroceso en un escenario cambiante: Reforma en Salud, Mortalidad Materna y Aborto en Bolivia.
Organizations in 18 countries throughout our region currently take part in this annual campaign which is promoted widely by five of the most representative networks of region: CLADEM, REPEM, Catolicas por el Derecho a Decidir (the regional branch of CFFC), DAWN and LACWHN.