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Compared with the aerostatic bearing with REPG, the aerostatic bearing with EEPG has better adaptability and higher stiffness.
In order to compare the performance of the aerostatic bearing with EEPG, this paper calculated the performance of aerostatic bearing with REPG in the same performance parameters.
According to the calculation results of model 1 and model 2, the numerical performance curves of the 2 kinds of aerostatic bearings can be obtained, as shown in Figure 8, where model 1 is the aerostatic bearing with EEPG and model 2 is the aerostatic bearing with REPG. Figure 8(a) is the bearing capacity comparison curve, Figure 8(b) is the stiffness contrast curve, and Figure 8(c) is a gas flow rate curve.
According to the above analysis, it is found that the performance of aerostatic thrust bearing with EEPG is better than that of the aerostatic bearing with REPG.
REMT seeks to provide policy and institutional capacity building support at the national level, as well as offer matching grants to co-finance eligible pre-investment activities in the development of REPG and SWH projects.
David Hodes, co-head of the REPG, said, 'We are delighted that Susan has decided to bring her long career of success in the real estate funds management arena to Credit Suisse.