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But, if Church history can assume greater theological significance than Repgen allows, by what criteria do we evaluate the admissibility and usefulness of some elements of Church history for its reform?
"Ron would code something then e-mail me the RepGen programs, then I'd test them and send them to Jennifer and she'd test them and then we'd send the feedback back to Ron," Rimes said.
Because D200A does not consider where demands occur, there is no need to change SRU related REPGEN actions reported by SBSS (via 7SC transactions) to D200A.
This will cause SBSS to report zero REPGEN actions to RBL.
(4.) Repgen, "Hitler's Machtergreifung"; Thomas Childers, The Nazi Voter: The Social Foundations of Fascism in Germany, 1919-1933 (Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 1983); and Richard Hamilton, Who Voted for Hitler?
Konrad Repgen, a prominent church historian who fought in the war and was released from an English prisoner of war camp in 1945, sees the Concordat not as an alliance of church and state but as a defensive measure by the church that allowed passive resistance among Catholics.(14) Repgen believed that the Concordat made allies of Jews and Catholics when Nazi-persecuted, "disgraced" priests were pictured next to caricatured Jews in publications like Der Sturmer.
Repgen (Munster: Aschendorff, 1965) 2.596-630; and Bradford E.