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DPO Kohat Muhammad Sohaib Ashraf had recently set up Repid Response Squad to do snap checking on important Roadsof Kohat with a intention to contain weapon and narcotics smuggling from tribal area through Kohat then to rest of Pakistan.officials of the Repid Response Squad conducted checking of vehicles on kohat indus highway,kohat hangu road, kohat Peshawar road, Rawalpindi road, bannu road ,mianwali road, Nizampur road and link roads with the tribal belts and 1152 suspectswere arrested by Rapid Response squads, 9 SMG rifles, 16 ShotGuns, 140 pistols, 25671 Chargers, 23266 cartridges, huge quantity ofnarcotics including Cannabis and heroine were found in possession ofarrested suspects and were confiscated by Kohat police.
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