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REPORepurchase Agreement
REPORepossess (delinquent secured loans)
REPOReporting Officer (US Navy)
REPORemote Emergency Power Off
REPORegional Energy Program Office (US Navy)
REPORegional Environmental Protection Office (various locations)
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In this backdrop, the objective of this paper is to empirically investigate, for the first time in a developing country context, the transmission of volatility in money market overnight repo rate to short and long-term interest rates in the term structure.
Total collateral value in the tri-party repo market rose steeply after 2011, peaked toward the end of 2012, and then fell steeply.
The NIER's forecast is that the Riksbank will lower the repo rate to 0.75 percent in February 2013.
Activity in New Zealand's repo market has also recovered, with turnover in repos that use government securities as collateral hitting record highs in late 2011.
MF Global, the global financial firm that filed for bankruptcy in October, is just the most recent noteworthy example of how repo lending can go wrong.
In this article, we study a simple model of the tri-party repo arrangement that allows us to capture in a parsimonious way some of the strategic interactions that arise in this market.
The lending rate of SBI's repo-linked home loan is based on the bank's repo rate lending rate (RLLR), which in turn is linked to RBI's repo rate.
The People's Bank of China (PBOC) injected 60 billion yuan into the market through seven-day reverse repos at an interest rate of 2.55 percent, with 100 billion yuan of reverse repos maturing, leading to a net withdrawal of 40 billion yuan.
Expansion of eligible securities to accord flexibility to market participants in their conduct of Repo transactions; and
Bank of India said another dimension of rate transmission process is by way of offering repo linked lending rate to select customer segments, including personal loans.
The volume of repo transactions in January-June this year amounted to 437.8 million manats.