REPOLBulk Petroleum Contingency Report (US DoD)
REPOLReporting Emergency Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants (US DoD)
REPOLPetroleum Damage and Deficiency Report (US DoD)
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The Defense Energy Support Center and the Naval Operational Logistics Support Center conducted several developmental tests involving the Web-Based REPOL in February and March 2005.
According to Donald Hogge, a member of the JLOG/PE team-- [The current REPOL system uses] a current manually produced spreadsheet report that each level of command spends anywhere from 1 to 2 hours preparing and manually transfer[s] from spreadsheet to spreadsheet as the report goes up the chain of command.
The TGLC will coordinate the following functions: passengers, mail and cargo delivery, Personnel Exchange Program (PEP), health services coordination, and timely compilation of all logistic reports--i.e., MUREP, REPOL, and LOGSITREP--for forwarding to the CFMCC in accordance with established battle rhythm submission dates and times.
Finally, the BCS3 product manager and TCM are working to improve BCS3's ability to generate MUREPs and REPOLs. Ideally, a BCS3 user will submit one MUREP and one REPOL that will satisfy both Army and joint reporting requirements.
PP was obtained from Reliance Industries Ltd., India (REPOL H200FG, melt flow index (MFI) of 20 g/10 min at 230 [degrees] C with a load of 2.16 kg).
However, it was found that the same magnitude of the SHG signal could be recovered from the same sample after it was repoled by corona discharging suggesting that the film was not damaged even after experiencing the high temperature.
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