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REPPRenewable Energy Policy Project
REPPRadiological Emergency Preparedness Program (US FEMA)
REPPResearch Evaluation and Policy Project (Australia)
REPPRural Economic Policy Program (est. 1985; The Aspen Institute)
REPPRape Education and Prevention Program (various locations)
REPPResearch in Education, Policy and Practice
REPPReusable Environmental Protective Pack
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In addition, Repp followed Beckinsale when she attended an event in Houston, Texas last year to continue the harassment.
Like individual actors in a play who had memorized each character's lines, the 13 employees at Repp were ready for opening night.
John Philbin, chief executive of REPP, said: "The new system will enable us to build much closer and more personal relationships with each of our customers - approximately 40,000 educational and academic establishments across the UK and internationally.
Used in offshore pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico, the design allows the pipe to bend up to 18 inches without breaking, Repp said.
In court, Repp tried to prove that Webber had stolen his 1978 song, "Till You," and turned it into the "Phantom Song," a theme that runs throughout his 1985 "Phantom of the Opera.
REPP, developed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), was designed to address gaps in climate investment in developing countries including the shortage of support for early stage investment opportunities and shortage of small and medium sized projects (up to 25MW).
Mr Repp seeks unspecified damages in his suit but Lord Lloyd-Webber maintained that Repp could not prove he had ever heard his 1978 song, Till You before writing the Phantom Song.
For example, slacks in washable polyester that retail for $35 to $40 elsewhere can be purchased at Repp Ltd.
In his first, informal survey, Repp recorded the sounds of 10 male and 10 female subjects clapping individually at their most comfortable rates.