REPSSReplication Subsystem
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CCH operates the Regional Payment and Settlement System (REPSS), which stimulates growth by allowing member countries to transfer funds in the most cost-effective and efficient manner within COMESA.
In 2013, COMESA published the COMESA Success Stories hailing the Regional Payment and Settlement System (REPSS) that became operational in 2012 to allow member states to transfer funds on the same day at low costs (COMESA Success Stories, 2013).
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Bramer Bank is the first commercial bank to implement the REPSS (Regional Payment and Settlement System), for the easy transfer of funds among Comesa (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) member states.
El Sistema de Proteccion Social en Salud son las acciones que provean los Regimenes Estatales de Proteccion en Salud (REPSS), entendidos estos como las acciones de proteccion social en salud de los estados y el Distrito Federal, y la Secretaria de Salud coordinara las acciones.
Esta estructura se reproduce en los estados donde la ley establece que debiera existir un "Regimen" de Proteccion Social en Salud (REPSS).
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