REPZRepeat Zero
REPZRepeat While Zero
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Several pO113-encoded genes were shared by STEC O157:H7, including ehxCABD (110,523-117,649 bp), espP (135,505-139,407 bp), the putative adhesin iha (146,764-148,851 bp), and 2 replication genes, repA (106,112-107,089 bp) and repZ (163,918-164,949 bp) (20).
To investigate the prevalence of the pO113 encoded genes pilQ, epeA, trbC, repA, ehxA, espP, iha, subAB, and repZ among a range of LEE-negative and LEE-positive STEC isolates, we screened our collection of STEC isolates by using PCR.
In addition, we found that although repA, ehxA, espP, and iha were common to LEE-positive and LEE-negative STEC, other pO113-encoded genes, pilQ, epeA, trbC, subAB, and repZ, were more commonly associated with LEE-negative STEC.