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Even if PSD says requals have been entered, send someone over to verify.
Maj Carter stepped as #3 of a four ship of F-15Cs to fly a LOWAT requal mission.
Tonight, we had the added benefit of company traffic going with us; the two aircraft would fly loose form out to the ship and take turns using the deck for our requal events.
Skeds came in the office one day and asked, "Sir, wanna fly a night doppler requal?"
We launched into the rapidly fading "pinky time," knocked out our Doppler requal, and requested a CCA pickup.
Diver not performing minimum number of dives required by MILPERSMAN 1220-260 and requals are not updated in divers' service records.
"I just came off shore duty and wanted to get my requals," said Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Electronics) First Class (AW) Rafael Corral.
We also would get sonic AWs requaled. The OinC was a calm and educational HAC to fly with the evening couldn't have been better.