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RERRegione Emilia-Romagna
RERRental Equipment Register
RERRéseau Express Régional (French commuter rail in Paris)
RERRough Endoplasmic Reticulum
RERRespiratory Exchange Ratio
RERReal Exchange Rate
RERReview of Educational Research
RERReplication Error
RERRegional Express Network
RERRecurrent Exertional Rhabdomyolysis
RERRadio Est Réunion (French radio station)
RERRégimen Especial de Renta (Spanish: Special Income Scheme; taxes)
RERRespiratory Exchange Rate
RERRemediation Effectiveness Report
RERResearch Expenditure Report
RERRubberized Equipment Repair
RERResting Energing Requirement
RERResource Efficiency Ratio
RERRepair Effectiveness Rating
RERReceiver-Exciter Ranging
RERRemote Read-Out
RERReactor Event Report
RERRadio Expenditure Report
RERRadiation Effect Reactor
RERReusable - Expendable - Reusable
RERRedeye Reduction (camera technology)
RERRegional Expected Results (World Health Organization)
RERRecognition Error Rate (speech synthesis design value)
RERRadar Echo Return
RERResource Evaluation Report
RERResting Energy Rate
RERReal Estate Resources, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)
RERRadiological Emergency Response (various locations)
RERReed Electronics Research (Reed Business Information)
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Fue a partir de este momento cuando varios investigadores volcaron sus esfuerzos en replicar los experimentos de Biswal, y aunque la polemica continuaba, cada vez habia mas certeza de que las RER correspondian a fenomenos propios de la fisiologia cerebral.
Al mismo tiempo, se han dictado algunas sentencias que condicionan la gestion y praxis del RER.
We show that the mixed, and at times contradictory, evidence regarding the impact of ERRs on short-term RER volatility is a consequence of three sets of important limitations present in the literature to date:
2], RER, and ventilation (VE) were collected-by-breath using an automatic gas analyzer True-One 2400 (ParvoMedics, East Sandy, Utah, USA) during the GXT.
The problem of RER volatility has given rise to a broad debate in the economics, and finance professions in many parts of the world (Frenkel and Goldsstein, 1987; Cote, 1994).
Regarding the impact of RER targeting Dornbusch (1982) has shown that an increase in the degree of nominal exchange rate indexation increases the variability of prices.
For instance, a permanent rise in public expenditure (usually biased toward non-tradable sectors) may drive the equilibrium RER below the authorities' RER target.
Computerized analysis of changes in RER is proposed to fix the exact point of AT, but I believe that RER going above 1 is tied to too many other factors.
2], VE and RER data were averaged every 15 seconds for later analysis.
The interaction term RER * LES is never significant and hence we cannot reject that the exchange rate coefficient is identical for both kinds of industries.
2) RER = ratio of exchange rates = exchange rate with respect to PPP dollar / exchange rate with respect to U.
01) with one exception; distance did not make a significant change in RER.