RERERA (Retinoic Acid) and E1A (Early Region 1A) Response Element
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(51) Lachy Paterson, 'Kiri Ma, Kiri Mangu: The Terminology of Race and Civilisation in the Mid-Nineteenth-Century Maori-Language Newspapers' in Rere Atu, Taku Manu!
1212 343 AKAK.IWI (to set up on the edge--Haw), BABA.YLY (Azerbaijan), COCO.AIA (nz), DIDI.ERE (camp--Burkina Faso), ERER.AMA (hill--Sudan), FUFU.ANA (stream- Solomon Is.), GAGA.NAN (Nigeria), HIHI.AKA (Solomon Is.), ILIL.APA (East Timor), JIJI.ABA (China), KOKO.NIN (Czechoslovakia), LULU.ARA (stream--Argentina), MIMI.AKA (Chad), NONO.SES (monosaccharides having nine carbon atoms in the molecule), OPOP.AEA (nz), PAPA.UMU (New Zealand evergreen shrub), RERE.EVE (w2), SASA.ETE (stream--Solomon Is.), TOTO.ABA (w3), UDUD.AHA (Sri Lanka), VIVI.ANA (dfpf), WUWU.OSO (Ghana), XIXI.NAN (China), YOYO.NON (camp--Ghana)
Earlier during the day, Merks and Rere Grupa representatives said that the Corruption Prevention Bureau's officers had arrived at the companies' offices, but later they specified that those were actually representatives from the Competition Council.
Hinging his argument on Yoruba conception of morality through the prism of the ontological stuff of Iwa (character), Oyeshile following Wande Abimbola shows that the regard of Iwa as the fundamental principle of morality is conveyed in the aphorism of 'iwa rere leso eniyari'--good character is the beauty or guard of a person.
The phrasing of my essay tide, 'Rere ke/Moving differently', is meant to convey this sense of highly situated interactions created by juxtaposition.
Verse 2: E rere nei kote karanga; I raro i te maru, o tenei roopu rangatira; Te Runanga O Aotearoa.
RIGA, Aug 22 (LETA) - General partnership ReRe Buve 1, the company hired to reconstruct the New Riga Theater building, is offering a settlement to the state real estate management company Valsts Nekustamie Ipasumi (VNI) and a solution so reconstruction of the theater could resume and be completed by March 31, 2022, LETA learned during a meeting between the representatives from the company and VNI.
Some of the sayings are: 'Oruko rere san ju Wura ati Fadaka'--meaning, 'good name is more precious than gold and silver'.
Chapman, 1862); Cowan, The New Zealand War; Jo Diamond, Revaluing Raranga: Weaving and women in trans-Tasman Maori cultural discourses (unpublished doctoral thesis, Australian National University, 2004) and 'Rere atu, rere mai: the trans-Tasman negotiation of Hone Heke Pokai (, 26 April 2002); and Paul Moon, Hone Heke: Nga Puhi Warrior (Auckland: David Ling, 2001).
RIGA, Aug 15 (LETA) - Riga Vidzeme District Court has ruled in favor of construction company ReRe Buve 1 and banned the state real estate management company Valsts Nekustamie Ipasumi (VNI) from signing any new contracts for other construction companies and third parties for completion of the reconstruction of New Riga Theater building on Lacplesa Street in Riga, LETA learned at the court.