RERIReal Estate Research Institute
RERIRiver Ecosystem Restoration Initiative (New Mexico Environment Department)
RERIReservoir Engineering Research Institute (Palo Alto, CA; est. 1990)
RERIRegional Economic Research Institute (Florida)
RERIReal Exchange Rate Index (currency value)
RERIRenfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, and Inverclyde (Scotland, UK)
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There was insufficient evidence to declare an interaction between obesity and diabetes on either the multiplicative ([P.sub.interaction]=0.1440) or the additive scale (RERI: -0.019, 95% CI: -0.319, 0.280; AP: -0.020, 95% CI: -0.112, 0.073).
Table 3 shows that the RERI was 2.556 with 95% CI ranged 0.474 to 4.636, and AP was 0.454 with 95% CI ranged 0.201 to 0.706 for evaluating the additive effect of SNAFLD and MetS on osteoporosis.
Variables Unadjusted Adjusted OR (95%CI) OR (95%CI) (a) Men(0) Active(0) Reference Sedentary(1) 1.4(0.2-7) 1.8(0.3-10) Women(1) Active (0) 1.7(0.3-7) 2.2(0.4-10) Sedentary(1) 8.4(2-32) 8.3(1.9-36) RERI (95%CI) (b) 5.3(-3.8-14) AP(95%CI) (c) 0.6(0.1-1.1) (a) Adjusted for religion, education, and physical comorbidities.
Of these taxa, Lactobacillus ruminis (RERI -1.92, 95% CI -3.36 to 0.47), Lactobacillus DJF-RP24 (RERI -2.44, [95% CI -3.93 to 0.95), Lactobacillus KLDS 1.0718 (RERI -1.93, 95% CI -3.56 to 0.29), and Lactobacillus TSK G32.2 (RERI -2.69, 95% CI -4.55 to 0.84]) showed additive interactions (Table 3).
Apparently committed to Annie, Erwin is sexually taboo; Wolf is attracted to Christi, but her ambivalent response to his advances--recalling the sort of splashy fun with which Reri engages her suitor, Matahi--soon redirects his ardor toward the more receptive Brigitte.
Burnett at the time of this telecast was the exquisite soprano Reri Grist.
According to sources, Alamzeb, "abducted" the daughter of his neighbour, Naseer, from the Reri Goth area in Karachi two months ago, and that the two were actually in love with one another, reports the News.
Table 5 examines the outcomes associated with the four service clusters in terms of six change measures from the GAIN: Substance Frequency Scale (SFS), Substance Problems Scale (SPS), Recovery Environment Risk Index (RERI), Social Risk Index (SRI), Illegal Activities Scale (IAS) and Emotional Problems Scale (EPS).
Although in black and white, you will find several outstanding performances, notably by Jess Thomas (Bacchus), Sena Jurinac (the Composer) and Reri Grist (Zerbinetta).
The most common way of deriving the real exchange rate--real interest rate (RERI) relationship, which we refer to as the traditional derivation, is to exploit the