RERMReal Estate Registration Modernisation (Slovenia)
RERMRadio Environment Report Message
RERMRenewable Energy Road Map (European Commission; est. 2007)
RERMReal Estate Risk Management, Inc. (Rancho Murieta, CA)
RERMReal Estate Resource Management, LLC
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A first group of 5 heads was used to perform plan-by-plan classical progressive dissections, that allowed the extraction of the encephalon within its connections to the RERM and venous blood vessels.
A dissection was conducted progressively, following precise muscular incisions and bone sections, to extract the encephalon still linked to its RERM and venous sinuses.
The lobe of each RERM had the aspect of a ball of arteries and arterioles.
In this study, we measured (Table I) the length of each RERM lobe, taken between the rostral and the caudal roots dissected in situ before spreading and after reconstitution, of the 5 camel heads; and the total length of the RERM after linear reconstitution.
In camels, the RERM had a spongy appearance, and consisted of a dense network of anastomosing arteries occupying the entire cavity of the cavernous sinus.
Cross sections through different parts of the RERM network show that in camels, the arterial network was bipolar.
Goldfajn and Werlang (2000) show that real exchange rate misalignment (RERM) is the most robust determinant of exchange rate pass-through for emerging markets.
The study contributes to the existing literature for Pakistan by, (a) developing a model to estimate ERPT while taking into account the existing level of RERM; (b) estimating the short-run and long- run ERPT for Pakistan; (c) providing implications for appropriate monetary and exchange rate policies.
It is then extended to make it suitable to estimate ERPT at the aggregate level for CPI index and to incorporate the impact of RERM on inflation.
The RERM, which is the difference between actual and equilibrium REER is shown in Figure 1h.
Table 1 shows that all variables in ERPT model ([DELTA]LCPI, [DELTA] LNEER, [DELTA] LFCPI, RERM) are stationary at level.
In the first regression, RERM (-1) variable is insignificant and has a weak magnitude.