RERPReliability Enhancement and Re-Engining Program (Operational Test & Evaluation)
RERPRadiological Emergency Response Plan
RERPRenewable Energy Resources Program (Illinois)
RERPRider Education Recognition Program (Motorcycle Safety Foundation)
RERPRapid Ether Ring Protection
RERPReal Estate Registration Project (Azerbaijan; World Bank)
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RERp was associated with the Stroop no word and sleep condition reaction times (p < 0.05).
Artuso said that early problems in the acquisition process, common to many weapon systems, were successfully overcome and resulted in the C-5 RERP program completing a successful developmental test program with indications of delivering performance beyond initial warfighter expectations.
In summary, the FY07 MC, TNMCS, and TNMCM standards for the C-5 active duty fleet are based on the assumption that the C-5 fleet can achieve a 75 percent MC rate with the entire fleet receiving RERP upgrades or a fully mobilized total force to support maintenance operations.
(28) Critics argue that the AMP and RERP represent more of the same.
We also look for better modernization of our C-17s, perhaps the addition of some defensive system, and then the C-5 RERP (Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining) program, the re-engining program.
Then, in 2001, the Air Force gave Lockheed a $1.1 billion contract to begin the system development phase of the C-5 reliability enhancement and reengining program, or RERP.
(95) "Modernized" C-5s are those modified under the Reliability Enhancement Re-engining Program (RERP).
For the June 2008 reporting period, there was a net-cost decrease of $4,550.0 million (-0.3 percent), due primarily to a reduction of C-5 RERP (Reliability Enhancement and Reengining Program) aircraft from the recent Nunn-McCurdy certification.
"It makes sense to not RERP the A-models from a stewardship perspective, since the A-models are the oldest, least reliable and most costly to maintain," said Gen.
Second, two significant upgrades--the Avionics Modernization Program (AMP) and the Reliability and Reengining Program (RERP)--have been funded through the test phase for both the A and B models.
The current fleet will undergo an aviation modernization program (AMP), which started in 1999, and a reengineering reliability program (RERP), beginning in early 2001.