RERRRoute Error
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Rerr ([delta]) = [parallel] y- [y.sup.[delta]] [parallel]/[parallel]y[parallel] x 100%.
If PSing is unsuccessful then source node initiates new RREQ route rediscovery process (RERR message is piggy backed with new RREQ) which is based on MaxMaintRexmt constraint [8].
The node that discovers the broken link initiates Route Error (RERR) message to the source node by the predecessor intermediate nodes.
In AODV-BR the node that detected the link break also sends a ROUTE ERROR (RERR) packet to the source to initiate a route rediscovery.
By using RERR (route error), AODV provides the route maintenance feature.
Rappelons qu'une bonne partie des contrats Thibault sont des RERR (70).
The third column in Table 2 gives the relative error Rerr = [parallel][x.sub.[lambda]] - [x.sup.exact][parallel]/[parallel] [x.sup.exact][parallel], the fourth column gives the residual norm Res = [parallel]A[x.sub.[lambda]] - b[parallel], and the last column gives the [lambda] value for each method and for the optimal choice.
They came in various shapes and sizes but unfortunately very few of them were strapping Scots with a rerr perr of legs on them.
Similar to Dante's flight up the first ledge of purgatory, in which a sleeping Dante is snatched up by Saint Lucy's eagle, Benivieni seems to ascend the mountain while dozing, "not do I know how between earth and heaven" ("ne so gia com' infra la rerr' c 'l cielo," line 15).
A route error message i.e., RERR message is sent to the source by the upstream node when a link break is occurred, if required source reinitiates route discovery procedure.