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The debate is left instead to a Swedish linguist who sees only purity in the Himalayan villages and corruption in the West, and a local teacher, who fiercely contends that the people of Reru are steeped in "too much culture, too much religion," and lacking in the doctors, teachers, and new ideas that the road will bring.
(3.) These data were purchased from Quotable Value Ltd by the University of Auckland's Real Estate Research Unit (RERU); the first author of this article was Director of RERU at that time.
BEYOND BORDERS Directed by Martin Campbell Starring: Angelina Jolie, Clive, Owen and Reru Polo
West Reru assistant chief Millicent Ajwang said the girl's mother is also being questioned at Riat patrol base.
His mortal remains, accompanied by his younger brother and UD Parliamentary Secretary Padi Richo and Yubbe's second wife, were taken from Guwahati to Lower Subansiri HQ Ziro in a GoAP chopper today for the last rites, which would be conducted at his native village Reru at 3 pm on Sunday, according to Richo, who remembered Yubbe as an "epoch maker of the Apatani community."
[much less than] Reseaux entrepreneriaux en zone de faible densite[much greater than] RERU, 5: 711-721.