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Resad (pronounced 'Reh-shad') delivered a thought-provoking talk to students at Greenhead College, detailing the horrors he saw in the conflict - which lasted almost four years - and demonstrating the dangers of allowing hate and intolerance to flourish.
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Resad Omerhodzic was accused of taking female students to a remote mountainous village and abusing them sexually.
He met Sayyid Ahmed to let him know that the sultan Mehmed V Resad had appointed him as a ruler of Cyrenaica and Tripolitania in his Majesty's name, in exchange of this, Sayyid Ahmed was expected to declare war against Italy as soon as possible.
He draws connections between representations by such French writers who visited the city in the nineteenth century as Gerard de Nerval and Theophile Gautier, and those by such prominent Turkish writers of the early twentieth century as Ahmet Hamdi Tanpmar, Resad Ekrem Kocu, and Yahya Kemal.
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