RESCURemote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit
RESCURemote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit (satellite/cellular automobile help system)
RESCURecovery from Error Spread Using Continuous Updates (error recovery scheme)
RESCURoad Emergency Services Communications Unit
RESCUResidential Emergency Signal Color Units
RESCURenaissance Entertainers, Services, Crafters United (Fuquay-Varina, NC)
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But who was that Just Man, whom had not Heav'n Rescu'd, had in his Righteousness bin lost?
The teams are made up of Coastguard Rescue Officers (CROs) who are volunteers trained to carry out rescues and provide assistance to those in distress on the UK's coastline.
The Rescu Swim'r is a collapsible rudder that attaches to a life ring and deploys automatically when the ring is thrown into the water.
A range of stakeholders were consulted for their advice on content and implementation issues for the proposed program, including Toronto Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Rescu at St.
llie me ala ribe age Rescu old Ewe descr coura Rescuers found Gracie, five-yearold Ewen Beaton jnr and Ewen's brother Jamie, two, in the water.
Prior we were invited for a seminar in Bucharest's "Grigore Antipa" National Museum where the monumental B n rescu - Nalbant collection with over 10,000 specimens, especially of the families Cyprinidae, Cobitidae and Gobiidae, is under the custody of the Museum.
"I donate every penny I make from my readings to Walk With Donkeys, ea a sanctuary in Cre couple from Scotla non-profit organis What comes acro book is a genuine animal welfare - a interview she tells days ago she rescu o ete run by a and.
Summary: In March of this year the Dar al-Ajaza al-Islamiyya Hospital opened Lebanon's first palliative care center, RESCU (Respiratory Special Care Unit), which expanded the hospital's existing geriatric facilities.
Its service becomes whatever the OEM wants including Mercedes-Benz Tele Aid, Lincoln RESCU, Infiniti Communicator and Jaguar Assist.
Soon both companies offered their own in-vehicle telematics systems, Rescu by Ford and OnStar by GM.
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